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I found my place…..
there's nothing out there,

only full of blinking little star 
and dream :)

Merry Merry Christmas To You!!!

I know I am three days late but still I want to wish you "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays"! Here is a card I made almost a month ago and honestly this year I suck at making Christmas cards. I was so behind in everything! Next year, I hope to have a better planning system and make sure that I stick with it. You know me and discipline doesn't always get along well :)

So how did you celebrate your Chirstmas? As for me, besides getting sick on Christmas had been a simple and quiet celebration for us. On Christmas Eve, I brought Abby to Straits Quay for dinner and we went for a walk around the court after that. In the middle of the court, stood a huge Christmas tree decorated with gold ornaments and lights. It was such a beautiful sight and Abby seemed to enjoy it. Before we left the place, I had to snap a picture of us. Too bad this baby look dazed in the's seems hard to get a perfect picture of her these days. Oh well.

Oh, I had a spa date with my bestie on Christmas eve too. It was fun and we both had a good laugh when we had to share a bath tub Before heading to the jacuzzi pool, we managed to sneak a picture donning the

Thanks for stopping by! Great weekend ahead, peeps!

xoxo ♥