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Merry Merry Christmas To You!!!

I know I am three days late but still I want to wish you "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays"! Here is a card I made almost a month ago and honestly this year I suck at making Christmas cards. I was so behind in everything! Next year, I hope to have a better planning system and make sure that I stick with it. You know me and discipline doesn't always get along well :)

So how did you celebrate your Chirstmas? As for me, besides getting sick on Christmas had been a simple and quiet celebration for us. On Christmas Eve, I brought Abby to Straits Quay for dinner and we went for a walk around the court after that. In the middle of the court, stood a huge Christmas tree decorated with gold ornaments and lights. It was such a beautiful sight and Abby seemed to enjoy it. Before we left the place, I had to snap a picture of us. Too bad this baby look dazed in the's seems hard to get a perfect picture of her these days. Oh well.

Oh, I had a spa date with my bestie on Christmas eve too. It was fun and we both had a good laugh when we had to share a bath tub Before heading to the jacuzzi pool, we managed to sneak a picture donning the

Thanks for stopping by! Great weekend ahead, peeps!

xoxo ♥

Lush and Bath & Body Works Haul

Tonight I thought I would share with you a quick Lush and Bath & Body Works haul that I purchased just before the Christmas holidays started. I know I probably should have waited until this week to buy them since I heard both stores had amazing sales happening but honestly the mall near me that has both these stores in it is crazy during boxing day and week. So I knew there would be no way I would be going there.

The first stop I made was into Lush. I have once again rediscovered my love for their bath bombs. I used to be a huge fan but I think after awhile I got tired of them so I stopped buying them but perhaps this time I will space it out and limit myself to one a month or something like that.
What I picked up was So White (I love the apple smell) and the other is Father Christmas (another one I love)
After Lush I quickly ran into Bath & Body Works with a list in hand and a coupon for $10 off to purchase the following:
The hand soaps were 7 for $25.00 which I have discovered is a much better deal then the last time I purchased the soap. We are actually loving the foam soap much more then the other kinds. I stuck with the holiday scents.
This is the first time I noticed that they had hand soap for the kitchen so I picked up Kitchen Lemon and Citrus Garland. Looking forward to trying these out very soon.
Then for the bathrooms (main and powder room) I picked up Holly Berry of Wreath (currently using), Iced Gingerbread (which is my favorite), Snow Frosted Apple (another scent I like), Fresh Sparkling Snow ( we have on in the powder room) and Sparkling Pink (this was something I picked up when I didn't see anything else holiday) and in the front are cute shea infused socks in polar bear design. Love them

So this is just a small haul, what is your favorite thing from Lush and/or Bath & Body Works?

November, December and Birthday Edition of Starlooks

This is my third and fourth Starlooks box I have gotten and I will explain why they are all in one post in just a moment but just a reminder that Starlooks is a monthly subscription service based out of the US that does ship to Canada. Its $15 a month and you can expect 3 to 4 full size make up and beauty items each month.

This is my third and fourth box and honestly I am quite pleased with them to date. If you are interested in subscribing please feel free to mention me as a referral.
I don't have pictures for the November box because I was one of the subscribers that encountered problems with their box in shipping and the eye shadows were damaged. One quick call to Starlooks and replacements were sent at no charge and I thought that this was really nice of them to replace them all. They were very sympathetic about the whole thing. This is one of the reason's I love this company. They have totally amazing customer service reps.
So the replacement shadows came like this.
This is the packaging of the shadows.
Top Row: i163 Celestial and i242 Please me
Bottom Row: i204 Almond me27 and i166 Wicked Wink
Sadly after taking these pictures I had banged my arm and dropped the palette and darn it all  Wicked Wink  was the only one that damaged and it wasn't salvageable. There is currently a little chunk left. I will eventually replace it once I try it out and if I like it.
This is the swatches on my arm as you can see they are very neutral. All shades I normally wear and looking forward to playing with to create some looks with.
In the November box I also got this lipstick. Its from their Tender Gloss collection. As you can see its very nude and it gives your lips a barely there look which is really nice.
I love the formulation of this and this will be something I will be wearing alot of I am sure. I loved that it didn't go on greasy like some do.
Another item included in the box was this mascara contraptions. This isn't something I will be using only because i am not that talented to do two things at once. This is what the palette looks like closed.
This is the December box. Love the packaging. I think the boxes are very simple but elegant looking.
I was super excited for this month because I already knew what it was going to be. But before getting to that I love how cute the product cards look. I think this is the owner of Starlooks. Along with the card was a ton of glitter which I thought was a nice little holiday touch. Even though it got all over the place.
This is the 15 shade palette. Its perfect on its own or you can use them with the November palette for a pop of color. These colors are inspired by Christmas lights.

This is what the palette looks like and its taken from the Starlooks website. Not sure of the names of the colors. Although I am very curious to what the names are. The palette sales for $99.
Something I recently found out was that during your birth month you will get a special box from Starlooks and well this is my birth month so I got a nice little package in the mail.
This is the first time I have gotten one and honestly out of all the beauty boxes I get they are the only one who does something special for your birth month. I think that says alot about this little company and one of the reasons I will remain a subscriber.
I got this cute little card with a hand written note inside. Another nice touch on their part.
The first item I pulled out of the box was this lip liner. It went on super smooth and nice. There was no dragging or tugging. It literally went on nice.
I got it in the shade Tipsy. Its coral like in color. Which is a perfect summer shade.
I also got a lipstick that is a moisture rich and it was very moist and nice on the lips. Nothing cakey or sticky about this. This would be the perfect thing for the spring & summer months. I actually really like it and at first I was a little scared but once I put it on I was like oh yea this so will be nice in the warmer months.
This is also in the shade tipsy. The top swatch is the lip liner and the bottom is the lip stick.
Specking of summer this is going to be so nice in the summer its a glimmer glam loose mineral eye shadow. As you can see I just put a dollop on my hand and below is when its blended out.
Its in the shade bb pink and its very sheer and shimmery.
The value of the birthday box is roughly $35 and its at not additional cost me to.

I am really impressed with Starlooks and I find that their make up is really nice and honestly very affordable when you look at it online. Their customer service is amazing and this bonus they do for us in our birth months is truly amazing and very generous of them.

I am looking forward to trying out many more awesome products from them. This is one box I love getting each month.
What do you think?

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas from my house to yours.

Beauty Box 5 December Edition

Beauty Box 5 is yet another monthly subscription service that is based out of the US but is available to Canadians. I have been seeing this for a little while and I decided to finally take the plunge and try it out.

Each month you can expect to receive 4-5 samples of all things beauty related (Makeup
/Skin care/Fragrances/Hair Care/Nail products/Smile care/Body Care/Beauty Tools
And just about anything else beauty related). Its $12/monthly (recurring charge) and if you go to a quarterly ($6 savings)  and yearly ($44 savings) its cheaper. For me I prefer to go monthly just in case I don't like it and there is no hassle to cancel or to stick it out because you have paid for quarterly or yearly.
So lets get into the box shall we. I love the packaging. The box is sorta of aqua marine in color which I love and it will look so pretty popping out of my mailbox since its white.
The first thing you see when you open the box is this card. Which goes right in the same color scheme as the box. Love that. This is the product card that tells you what items you got, a coupons for discounts if you should choice to buy the full size item in the online store and the retail price.
Underneath the card was this white organza bag that holds a few items and I like how its packaged liked this and not loose in the box. Hmm I wonder whats inside the bag?
Under that was this MaskerAide. Its a hydrating Facial Sheet Mask in Weather Warrior it will sooth. calm and heal. This is perfect for the cold Canadian winters. I have gotten this brand in a previous box but not this specific kind so I am excited to try this one out.

This is a full size product and it sells for $4.99
Now to get into the bag. I am excited. As you can see I used my tree for the background.
Something I have never heard of before is this Jean Pierre Cosmetics Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Pads. If you know me I love this kind of stuff its perfect for traveling and not having to look around alot of make up remover products.

This is a full size item and this pack sells for $1.99
I have never heard of this either and its Every Day Minerals Flat Top Brush. Having just gotten into make up I don't own alot of brushes so this is always nice and needed. The brush is so soft and I can't wait to use it because its great for both liquid and powder.

This is also a full size item and it sells for $12.99

This brush alone basically paid for the box. So as you can see you do get your money out of the box. Unlike other boxes I get.
As you can see there is alot of names I have never heard about and this is another one. Its Demeter Roll on Perfume Oil in the scent Cherry Blossom. I put this on right away and loved it and as the day went on the scent was still very nice and it doesn't leave you feeling oily.

This is also a full size item. It sells for $10.00 for 0.29oz
This is by OFRA Cosmetics and its a 3D Eye shadow. Its a multi-tonal, pigmented pack wet/dry eye shadow.
I got it in the shade Diamond Glitz. Its sorta of like a smoky purple. Which I love.

This is another full size item and sells for $19.90 for 0.14oz

The total value of the box is close to $50.00 and its definitely paid for itself. I think this would be the perfect replacement to Topbox or even Glymm. Seeing as you do get full size products and honestly this is a perfect holiday box with a little of everything.
Is this something you would subscribe to? Would you replace this with one of your other subscriptions?

brylie and dillon