Which Way to the Volcano?

Tidbits from my Travels by William

A few friends and I were in Guatemala and were attempting to make our way to a volcano we wanted to hike.  The map we were using was like something from a cereal box—not to scale and needed some sort of decoder to read it.  If you’ve ever driven in Central America you know how chaotic it can be.  While passing through an unknown city in the middle of nowhere, we did what most guys would not and stopped to ask for directions. 

My friend, Chris, and I found two older gentlemen walking down the sidewalk.  I, of course, stood out in this town with my fair skin and dirty blonde hair.  Chris, on the other hand, is an urban Puerto Rican-Mexican.  His looks only make him stand out, a little.

Chris speaks mostly Spanish…kind of like mostly dead from the movie Princess Bride.  So I assumed he would be the one to ask for the directions.  We all know what happens sometimes when one assumes.  As we approached the two gentlemen Chris turned his attention to me and just waited…for to me kick in with my limited Spanish.  I couldn’t believe it!...he was making me ask for the directions with my few years of high school Spanish and limited practice I’ve had over the years since.    

I muddled my way through it but the look of surprise on the two gentlemen’s faces was worth remembering.  They couldn’t believe the Gringo was the one actually doing the talking.  They looked at Chris expecting him to bail me out…but no, he never did!  Chris’ satisfaction showed on his face.  I laughingly called him a jerk as we walked away.

Thanks to the good directions, we made it to the volcano!

Immortal by Lauren Burd. A Review

Books I'm currently reading by Cindy

Have you ever bought a book because you liked the title? That's what I did with this book, Immortal, by Lauren Burd. I even read four or five reviews. All but one extolled its virtues, so I paid the .99 cents and uploaded it to my Nook. The first chapter told me I'd made a mistake.

First off, the grammar errors in this book are outrageous.
Secondly, she has cut and pasted a few different scenes/reactions in several places in the book. Did I say repeat?
Thirdly, she uses the same words over and over and over...and over again.
Fourth- the plot is way over used in books today.
Fifth-it simply isn't believable.

On a positive note, she does have some twists and turns that are entertaining.  If only she had had people read it before she published it, I'm sure it could have been improved.

Can I be more clear? This book is a stinker. I hate that I spent .99 cents on it

maria and cameron





The mess on my desk

  • Can't stand the sight of my messy desk.....I need a bigger room! 
  • Hubby is coming home next week after been away for almost 3 months :)
  • Craving for some scones with cream cheese. Yumm yumm!
  • I don't feel chatty today so I am keeping this post short and sweet. Hope you have a great day!

I Couldn't Care Less about the Royal Wedding



Perfect companion piece to my piece:
One Wedding and Unlimited Funerals

Chicken Pot Pie to die for

The Eats by Cindy

Preheat oven to 425.
  • Melt 2/3 C. butter in a large pan.
  • Add 2/3 C onion and  3-5 chicken breasts. Cook until chicken is done.
  • Remove chicken to a plate. 
  • Add 2/3 C. flour, 1/2 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper. Stir until bubbly.
  • Slowly stir in 2 cans of chicken broth and 1 1/3 C milk. Bring to a simmer.
  • Add two cups petite peas, 2 cups fresh mini carrots cut in half and 2 potatoes chopped into cubes.
  • Stir together and let simmer while you cut up the chicken into chunks and add to mixture.
  • Stir.
  • Pour into a 9 X 13 pan.
  • Cover with pie crust, cutting two slits in the center to allow steam to escape. (Next week I'll give the scoop on making your own crust)
  • Bake for about 35 minutes or when crust is golden brown.
  • Serve with a side of asparagas and have strawberries for dessert. Yum!

One Wedding and Unlimited Funerals by Cindy Sheehan

I guess I must be a glutton for punishment because I just snapped off CiaNN in frustration and anger for about the 5000th time.
Yesterday, I was treated to Candy (“I never met a warmonger I didn’t love”) Crowley fairly gushing with bloodlust over her three warmonger, kill Qaddafi, bomb the shit out of the Libyan people, guests—Republican Senators: Lindsey Graham (R-Closet); John McCain (R-Mordor) and Joseph Lieberman (R-Tel Aviv {okay, I know that Lieberman is technically an "I," but he out Republicans Ronald Reagan in every instance}). (Wow, even I got lost in that last round of parenthetical statements.)
Anyway—if one has an insatiable thirst for institutional violence on a massive and very extravagant scale—like Miss Crowley—then whom else would you have on your program to talk about the US/British/NATO war crimes in Libya? Certainly not Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney or Dennis Kucinich? Heck no, if one of us were interviewed on CiaNN, we may actually tell the truth about what’s really happening in Libya and the tiny cat’s paw of doubt may begin to creep into the minds of the average consumer of CiaNN’s “All war, All the time,” news-o-tainment.
Today, the airwaves are all atwitter about the impending ROYAL WEDDING! The CiaNN mouthpiece for everything establishment—(sorry it wasn’t Candy, but I don’t know what her name is, but does it really matter, anyway?)—was interviewing some British talking-twit who could hardly contain his spittle of excitement as he fairly swooned over the impending nuptials of William and Kate (plus 8?) and opined to the CiaNNer that, even though the “subjects” are facing “harsh austerity measures,” EVERYONE in Great Britain is salivating over the prospect of a ROYAL SPECTACLE.
Really? I remember a few months ago, Will’s dad, the sad-sack Charles, and his wife, the inconceivable, Camilla, left a Robber Class to-do on Regent (irony?) St in London, and their limo was pounced upon, rocked and stoned by a group of students protesting the steep increase in school fees after they recognized the Royal Scandals. The film of this incident shows, not a frightened Chucky and Cammie, but a highly insulted and shocked (“We are not amused”) royal couple!
England, along with Greece and France, has been ground-zero for the increasingly militant protests against the savage global austerity measures being put in place to protect the vast fortunes of people like Great Britain’s Royal Family—(give me a break—appropriate their assets and put them in public housing in Liverpool—the only thing giving them “special” status is the accident of their inbred births) while putting the rest of us into increasing income insecurity.
I am sure there are some people in Great Britain who want to see a Royal Spectacle—even those in the class that suffers directly because of the Royal Scandals—I know this because a large percentage of the population here in the US think that the Robber Class deserves their own special obscene perks. Weddings, like Princess Chelsea’s, that cost in the millions instead of the hundreds like ours, are celebrated, not raided. Princess Chelsea held a $1500 a plate reception and people who could pay three months rent with one plate of Clinton swill defended this Robber Class excess!
Then there are the King and Queen of America who don’t find anything amiss with taking expensive vacations with their Subjects footing huge portions of the bill, while unemployment is still at Depression-era levels, and when the Subjects, who are lucky enough to have jobs, can’t afford even a “staycation.” When the Obamas took their first $50,000/week vacation in 2009 on Martha’s Vineyard, I was incensed and expressed it (as is my custom). One male Imperial Subject asked me, “Cindy, where do you expect him to stay? A Motel 6 in Orlando, Florida?” My answer was, “Hell yeah, if it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for them.”
Besides the fact that I will get sick to the point of vomiting over the Royal Scandals’ new Royal Spectacle this week, Great Britain and the USA are involved in three major shooting wars which are killing many people (and, ironically, being famous for dropping Hellfire missiles on Arab wedding parties) in parts of the world that are resisting being made Subjects to the collaboration of the Robber Class of these two countries.
The only coverage we will see on US Lamestream Media about Robber Class violence is existentially supportive—and I do mean “existentially,” because the Robber Class Media has every intention of lining its own pockets with the booty that war brings!
The only solution to the ills that plague us from this global bourgeoisie is a peasant’s (working-class) revolution—and the only way we will ever see one of those is if we stop being co-dependant with the very people who welcome our extinction after our usefulness to them is used up.
If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is do a little research into worldwide attacks against education AND the elderly
Closer to home, King Bush “misunderestimated” his “mandate” to privatize Social Security, so the US Branch of the Global Robber Class had to install a more sympathetic puppet who has a “free pass” from “liberals” who think any criticism of the new King is “racist.” This meme comes mostly because of the fraudulent, yet convenient, Tea Party Society.
King Obama is getting away with far more than John McCain (R-Mordor) ever could have.
Here in my state, California, a group of us are planning to March On and Occupy Sacramento protesting the savage austerity measures being placed on our state’s most “vulnerable” beginning on Worker’s Day, May 1st.
More information can be found at Strike California!


Dear Friend,

Today, I diverted from my regular course of planned chores to economize on gas/energy, to make an unplanned trip to check my P.O. Box--it's Saturday, so the traffic was light and there were many available parking spaces. On my way into the post office, I passed an elderly couple holding a sign reading "Homeless, Please Help!" The woman was stooped and looked worn out and stressed and the man was bundled up in a wheelchair as it's still very unseasonably cold here in the North Bay.

I am unusually skilled at sniffing out BS and very experienced in homeless people and sometimes there are scams. I lived in San Francisco for two years where one can't walk 10-20 feet without being hit up, but these two elders were in Vacaville--where the homeless population is escalating and not the "traditional" population.

I gave the couple all the cash I had in my purse, which wasn't much, (only about $5) and, more importantly, I chatted with them. They are staying in a very shabby hotel that charges by the week and asks no questions. Although down on their luck, the woman told me that they are inviting another couple to stay in the other bed in their room--she is 70 and he is 71! The woman also told me they just had to hang on until the 1st when they were going to be put into a studio apartment so I went to buy them some food and I got $20 more for them to be able to stay one more night in the flea-bag roach motel for one more week. I am not wealthy, or even in that neighborhood, but I have a roof over my head and plenty of family and friends around so I will never have to worry about that horror and I can't get this sad story out of my head.

I am choking up just to think about the four homeless Elders in my community and they are only four that I heard about today. What kind of society do we live in when our Elders are being put out to pasture, but not a nice, warm, pastoral setting in a land of milk and honey; but a cold, hungry, hardhearted world of cold shoulder and cruelty. Mr. and Mrs. Homeless Senior Citizen were not lazy, drug addicted parasites--they simply fell through the widening cracks of societal greed and institutional violence where money for bombs is plentiful, but for people's needs is drying up.

Here in my state, California, where the above passion play occurred, the Governor, Jerry Brown (D) is balancing a 26 billion dollar budget shortfall (caused by the 15 billion a year sucked out of California by the Feds's war of terror against the world), by cutting 13 billion in funding for essential services to seniors, students, the disabled, and already poor families. Jerry Brown calls them the "vulnerable."

Peace of the Action and Bay Area CODEPINK are organizing a march (endorsed by over 35 groups and individuals) from San Francisco (starting on May Day) and ending up in Sacramento on May 9th to protest the fact that the 660,000 millionaire households in California are not being asked to bear the burden of the downturn of this economy due to war profiteering and other globalization of greed.

We are planning on constructing a tent city on the grounds of the State Capitol to highlight that even Democrats need to be protested when they protect corporate interests and the war machine at the expense of others.

Please click on Strike California above for more information--we hope you can join us in this march/strike, but if you can't, could you please donate $13 for Peace and Justice. Thirteen is our lucky number to raise grassroots support to defend against this class war being waged on us by Democrat and Republican alike. Please click on this link to make a tax deductible donation of $13, or whatever you can afford to help us meet our expenses!





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It's fun when you have something to post.......

  • Today's post title is the longest in my blog history, lol :)
  • As you can see, I am still experimenting with my camera. Still can't find the perfect lightning so I had to turn to Photoshop to make it look okay but still not very happy with it. 
  • Coffee is a must to perk me up in the morning.
  • Been spending too much money on crafting and buy more than I need. But every time I see pretty stuff especially new arrivals, I can't resist buying them. I need help! 
  • Still trying to post regularly.
  • I must have late night snack every day and I am not talking about bread, cookies or chips. Yesterday, I had instant noodle and bacon. And the night before I had fish & chips. Yeah, no kidding! Josie said I must have a big fat worm in my stomach. Gross!
  • I broke out my newly bought Portrait paper and buttons by Crate Paper. The buttons are so pretty and honestly I am reluctant to use them. But then I hoard enough buttons and I am letting this go. 
  • Yes, I hand stitched on the card. And no, I am not giving this card away....lol :p

$13 for Peace and Justice (TAX DEDUCTIBLE)

Hit the DONATE BUTTON to DONATE $13.00

 or SEND A 
PO BOX 6264


Expect the Unexpected-Especially When it Comes to Prom

A bit of silliness by Bethany

It was literally two days before prom and I didn't have a date. I was pretty bummed, I'm not going to lie. While lying in bed texting this cute boy, he all of a sudden asked me to go to prom with him. At ten o'clock at night, two days before the dance. Completely shocked, I screamed and jumped up and down. I was going to prom!

When people found out, several claimed they would have said no, because he asked me so late...I find that hard to believe. Go to prom with a hot, awesome guy? Or not? That's easy. Isn't it?

What would you have done? Would you have said yes?

Larry Brooks' Six Core Competencies Unveiled

Writing-the Craft by Cindy

Thirty pages into the book, Larry finally reveals the secret to Sucessful Storytelling:

  1. Character-Your hero
  2. Theme-Your story's connection to real life
  3. Concept-The what if question
  4. Structure- Where to put what and when
  5. Writing Voice-What delivers the story to the reader
  6. Scene Execution-Ordering of the series of scenes in a book correctly
Don't worry kids. I don't know what it all means yet, either. Come back next week to discover all about Character according to Larry. Cheers

choose choose

There's too many beautiful things, but


We can only choose one

The Fun of John Wayne Airport

Tidbits from my Travels by William

A fav California destination of mine is definitely the O.C. 

For starters, I love flying into the John Wayne/Orange County Airport.  Because of the noise abatement ordinance in place at the airport, I find both the landing and the take off fun.  On the landing, they slam on the brakes pretty hard because of the shorter runway.  On take off, the pilot revs up the engines while holding the brakes, then abruptly releases the brakes and everyone lurches forward in their seats then gets pushed back into them.  Once getting airborne, the pilot throttles back on the engines—again because of the noise abatement—and then a few seconds later, the engines rev back up.

It’s an added bonus when I get to sit near a passenger or two that have never flown in or out of there.  I love seeing the looks on their faces and try to imagine what they are thinking.  More than once, I’ve heard passengers asking the person next to them if they think something is wrong. 

If you have the chance to fly in or out of the John Wayne/Orange County Airport, enjoy the shorter security lines, a fake ice cream cone from the McDonalds in the terminal, the sunshine and most of all the flight.

P.S. If you’re departing flight gets delayed for whatever reason, I hope it’s not past 10 pm because they won’t let you depart if it is….again, the noise abatement!

Saskatchewan Avenue (Portage la Prairie)

BID on this piece at the Portage and District Arts Centre

Dinner and Art Auction

May 5, 2011

Manitoba Concert Hall 3 (8 am)

Bid on this piece at Manitoba Schizophrenia Society's
Iris Gala
May 7, 2011
Call 204-786-1616

Meet Me @ 6 (Amsterdam)


Dog's Walk (Amsterdam)

Rate of Absorption

punch little head

Sometimes I am stupid
Sometimes I want to be lazy
Sometimes I don't have good idea
I need power to punch my little head
so the power can let me have more energymore ideas
 to do something meaningful

Sweet Card

Hello friends! This will be another super quick post as I am rushing out to watch a movie with my mother-in-law.   I managed to create 3 cards this morning and I am so happy about it. I lost my mojo quite a while and I am happy that I got it back today :) Everything else except the graph paper is from Crate Paper - Emma Shoppe collection. Hope you like it! Got to run!

Manitoba Concert Hall 2 (from Piano Nobile)

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Spring
Fundraiser Gala 2011

The Trick to Tasty Tacos

The Eats-by Cindy

Your typical taco has seasoned meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, salsa, a taco shell. If you're feeling fancy, you might add some sour cream, guacamole, or refried beans.  So, how do you make your tacos stand out? That's easy...it's in the shell.

There are two types of shells to make your mouth water.The key is to buy them fresh.
  1. Flour tortillas-buy only the uncooked ones. They are usually in the dairy section. In some stores they're in the meat section. You can buy in bulk and freeze these in amounts you typically use in one meal. Take them out in the morning to thaw. Spray the pan lightly with cooking oil and turn the burner onto medium-high heat. Cook for about 20-30 seconds on each side. Keep warm until it's time to eat. They are best if eaten immediately.
  2. Corn tortillas-buy a big pack of them and freeze them, too. There are two ways to prepare them. One way is to simply put a touch of butter or oil into a frying pan and heat them up. Make sure you get good quality tortillas or they'll be dry and thick and nasty. It only takes about 20 secs. The other way is to fry them in an inch of oil. The longer they are in the oil, the crispier they will be. Keep them flat for tostadas or bend them for traditional shaped tacos.
Don't buy the box and don't buy already cooked ones and you'll wow the people you serve.

First Teen Review of Watched-Yippee

 Lexxi, 16, just sent me her review of WATCHED and I thought you'd enjoy it as much as I did.

"I loved the entire book!  Quickly after reading it, I became obsessed!  I found myself wide awake and still reading at midnight.  I took it everywhere; I read it in bed, at the table while eating breakfast, even during during biology (my biology teacher didn't like that too much), my only regret is that books aren't water-proof, otherwise I'm sure I would have read it in the shower.  I was constantly wondering what would happen next.  The plot was thick and juicy and the characters, to die for.  I definitely think there should be a second book!"

Larry Brooks, Story Engineering...does it work?

Writing-the craft by Cindy

I downloaded the book, Story Engineering, by Larry Brooks onto my Nook. I'm so excited to learn from the master.

The first chapter is decidcated to convincing the reader there is a specific formula to writing a successful novel. He calls this formula the Six Core Competencies. He asserts that if only one of the competencies is neglected it will "almost certainly kill your chances of being offered a contract."

He promises that if you apply even a small portion of the book to your writing you will be a more effecient and effective storyteller.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on each of the competencies.


Hell Boyles Over:  (Not really.)  Click here to listen or download, beginning at 2:00 PM San Francisco time.  This Sunday (April 17th), Cindy presents one hellaciously illuminating show, featuring popularly demanded Professor Francis Boyle, who refuses to buy the common brown, squishy and stinky "party line" proffered by our ruling class, or corporatocracy.  (See his Faculty profile here.)  He wants WORLD PEACE!  The man speaks good sense.  He PREFERS logic and truth - a very serious "character defect," which can cost an adherent profoundly in terms of popular acceptability.  (Non-"official" viewpoints completely disqualify one from being a "serious" and relevant pundit.)  No; the real truth about this show is that Professor Boyle's Integrity boils over.  He and Cindy discuss the Democratic Party's immense skills at co-opting social movements that might be effective.  Both agree that today our Peace Movements are mostly front organizations for the Democratic party.  Dr. Boyle totally endorses the honesty & sincerity of people at the grassroots level in these organizations - but he does have grave doubts about the National leadership of such groups.  concurring with Cindy, he explicitly cites "Uniting for Peace and Justice" and "MoveOn.org" as working to keep the Peace Movement inactive and ineffective.  One real gem of wisdom is their parallel observations that "Obama is a "gift to the ruling class," in that they can further their objectives quicker with him than they could with Bush, who lost so much popular support in the country.  (One could regard Obama as the black "velvet glove" on the "iron fist" of the U.S. Empire.) Anyway, please be sure to use the "Click here" link above, and check out Francis's talk with Cindy!  Plus, get your very own copy of Two-Time Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Major General Smedley Butler's woefully still not famous speech: "War is a Racket."  And then, please do go read itYes - We're still keeping our very special video for mothers:  Click on Smedley's picture (on the right) to watch Smedley's very own special message, "Now You Mothers."  (I wonder just what would Smedley think of enforcing no-fly zones in Libya?  What would he say about "protecting" Libyan civilians by killing Libyan civilians, the way NATO did?)

kim and todd