Over Her Shoulder

kathy & chris

Kathy and Chris travelled all the way from Darwin to escape the heat, and that they did..
It hailed, rained, poured and hailed again and again and again...
ohhhhhh it was a cold one!
A 4wd trip out to chinamans bend, the girls greeted the blokes and the rest of the guests on the paddlesteamer, fulfilling their wish to be married under that fabulous old Gum tree...
Running with the 'Maverick' theme, this bunch of great people manged to have the best day... even if it did end with a packet of twisties..

jeanette & willsy

A quick morning dash with the fire brigade started off the day for willsy..

Topped off with a gorgeous bride to marry , then another dash off for the much wanted paddle steamer ride along the murray....

Birthday present for my best pal

My best pal, YP celebrated her birthday on last Sunday. At first, I have no idea what to give her for her birthday. Clothes? Nah...her wardrobe are full of clothes. Cosmetics? She has loads of them...and she doesn't use them often. Accessories? She can open a shop with her current collection. Think, Think, Think (got this famous line from the 'Super Sleuths'..lol) Alas, this genius idea popped into my head! A mini book. You would probably laughing and thinking what's so genius about a mini book. But at least it had some sentimental value :)