My response to Juan Cole's ANSWER to Glenn Greenwald



What I write:

Dear Professor Cole,

The best way that you can support the so-called rebels in Libya is to raise a battalion to go and fight side by side with them.

You say that getting rid of Qaddafi with be "worth the sacrifices in life and treasure."

I think you have gone down the slippery slope of neoconservatism when you are willing to sacrifice other people's lives and other people's treasures in another violent war for oil and other natural resources.

You also put yourself in service to NATO, which as I am sure you must know, is just another tool for in the US's quest for global hegemony over resources and economies, as currently in Afghanistan which has billions of dollars worth of precious minerals and natural gas.

I used to have a lot of respect for you and I know for sure that you are not ill-informed or stupid, so I wonder how many pieces of silver you earned for this one.


Japan ganbatte!!

Bless Japan and the world peace


(SOAPBOX #92) – Cindy welcomes two notable guests.  Cindy’s first guest, Thaddeus Russell, is an historian and cultural critic, author of A Renegade History of the United States.  (And those are just his introductory credits!)  A true nonconformist, he has a long list of public appearances.  Yes, previously, our “Bad Thad” had moved past the social/ethical conservatism of our historical “cultural leaders” to focus on the actual people themselves.  He regularly argued that many white Americans envied slaves for good reason, since slave culture offered many liberating alternatives to the highly repressive and work-obsessed, anti-sex culture of the early United States.  He demonstrated that prostitutes, not feminists, won virtually all the freedoms that were denied to women but are now taken for granted.  In short, this man is a truly creative & revolutionary thinker.  It should come as no surprise the man today perceives himself as though he’s been on an island and yelling for three years now.  (It seems he doesn’t want to kill the world’s unfortunates in order to SAVE them.)  He asks why are today’s “liberal” people are not separating themselves from the slaughter of innocents?  Hey there, boyz and grrls: Can you say “Bad mass murderer?”  “Bad!”  (I knew you could!)

Cindy’s next guest is Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio,  discussing our military intervention in Libya.  Congressman Kucinich had SEVERAL objections to this action, all on quite serious grounds.  This is a new nightmare for people in another land and a new nightmare for the American people.  Yet the BIGGEST objection seems to be that the entire power to make war is given by our Constituation in Article I, section 8 to Congress; not to the President.  This is not an academic debate.  The Founders felt very strongly, indeed about putting the war powers in the hand of the country’s legislative body.  Dennis offers MANY important points to consider!


Teddy Bear Eco Village

Teddy Bear Eco Village


This is one of Japan's finest museums specialized in teddy bears. Focusing on ecological protection, the museum exhibits about 800 teddy bears in the approximately 130 year-old Gassho construction house.
Open:10:00a.m. To 6:00p.m.
Admission:Adult \600
Junior high and elementary school students \400



工藝村這個地區有許多博物館和一些精緻小商店。 包括泰迪熊生態村,鈾玻璃博物館,以及合掌式村莊...等





傢具擺設也很講究,很多的設計都很貼心,利用show room的方式再搭配熊的整體設計,


belinda and chris

Not a fan of gloomy weather........

Hello crafty friends! Happy Monday to you! The weather has been gloomy these days and I really miss the sunshine. I don't know about you but weather does affect my mood. Sunny day = happy & gloomy day = sad. Today, I am not too happy with the weather so I thought I would come here to post a card. It makes feel a little bit better :)

Remembered the layout I did for my bestie last week? I actually made a card to go with the layout but didn't take picture of it so my bestie took for me. I love how soft and shabby this card was. You can't see it clearly but I misted the cardstock and love the hint of shimmer on my card. I distressed the edges to make it look aged. I remembered how my friends used to ask me if I burn the paper with incense stick because that's what we used to do back in the school days, lol :) Ok, I have one last thing to say before I go...........Emma Shoppe, I LOVE YOU!!!!!

create value

Everyday is a brand new day , just forget yesterday and enjoy your day today

every morning I opened my eyes and thought
which color should I choose to paint my life today?
happy color ? lively color ? dark color ? bright color ?
it meaningful to me,because
this makes me feel more energetic and I can create value for my everyday life
you can paint your colorful life today too : )


Hello friends! I met my girl friends for dinner yesterday and we had a super great time. Great food, great view and great friends! My bestie celebrated her birthday early this month and I made her a layout using the new Emma Shop papers and stickers by Crate Paper. I hardly work with bold colors and floral patterns but somehow Emma Shop captured my heart. It's love at first sight :)

Create a little Rainy Day story

What you can do on a rainy day
you can Walk in the rain. This is a very romantic thing
or you can sing a song at home
you can do more Meaningful thing on a rainy day

in a good mood : )