One too many desire

I made this card yesterday using the SEI pp that I got since last year. I always ended up buying paper that I don't really like or had a hard time figure out what to do with them. The easiest one to use would be those with polka dots or lines or simple symetrical designs. They don't usually sit at my desk for long. I guess I'm not that creative after

The bird with the golden swirls you see here is a sticker that my SIL bought for me from a local bookstore. Isn't she's sweet? And I finally can see the embossed dots on this picture.

I just got myself a cuttlebug machine months ago and now I wish to own the slice machine by Making Memories. I also wish to buy a Nikon D-40 camera and also a HP Pavilion notebook. The desire to own all of them are so strong that it's driving me nuts. Oh no, I think I have to stop thinking about them, at least for a while. Oh yeah, did I mention that I want an i-phone too? A girl can't be too greedy, can she :)

Have a nice day ya!