Let It Snow

Happy Monday to you! How's your weekend? Was it good?? I went to watch the Transformers 2 with my family yesterday (finally). Although, I'm not a fan of the Transformers 2 cartoon but I must say that the movie is really really good! It is full packed with action from beginning till the end and Shia Labeouf is so freaking hot! (omg...did I just said he's hot??). You know, I never really like him especially in Indiana Jones but his acting in the latest Transformers movie really grows on me. And Megan Fox is so SEXY! But her acting was not as good. IMO, she's just another beautiful face in Hollywood :) And Josh Duhamel is such a hottie!! (lucky Fergie). Oh yeah...my eyes were watery when Optimus Prime and Sam sort of got killed in the movie (why sort of? go watch the movie and you'll know). All in all, Transformers 2 it's the best movie in 2009!

Today, I'd like to share a X'mas Card I made over the weekend. I realized that I always use either green or red on my X'mas cards and I wanted to make something out of my norm. I thought why not make a X'mas card using non-traditional color? The moment I saw the October Afternoon PP, I immediately knew my choice of color. Yes, it's PINK! I made everything pink...from the paper to the snowflake (you've seen a pink snowflake before??..lol) I traced the snowflake on a white cardstock and cut it out. Then, I paint it with pink crackle paint and finish it off with stickles. I then add a button and sentiments on it....and voila, my 1st pink snowflake! I did another backstich here and add a lace ribbon.

Close-up of my pink snowflake :)

It's only Monday and I hope you'll have a great week ahead!