Trip to Ipoh

I had a busy yet fantastic weekend! How about you? I went for a short trip to Ipoh with my family on Sunday. Man, I ate a lot during the entire journey. I've got some photos to show you here.

First up....BREAKFAST

I had butter toast, half boiled egg and a glass of iced coffee. I keep it light and simple. Got to save some space for more food :)

Next is....LUNCH. We were supposed to go for yong tau fu (local food) but the stall was not open until 4pm. Instead, we went for wan tan mee (dumplings noodle). At first, I didn't know that the shop was that popular until I saw clippings of newspaper on the wall. One must assume that with the wide coverage from the media, the food must be very tasty right? How wrong! The only thing that's nice is the sui kao (prawn dumplings). A total dissappointment!

Wan Tan Mee (dumplings noodle...cantonese style).

Stewed pork ribs.

This is the tasty prawn dumplings. At least one of the best I've tasted so far.

Luckily the rojak (fruit salad...the Malaysian style) we ordered taste good.

TEA TIME.......I'm a big fan of donut. I even bought three more for take away. Yummy!

Next is DINNER. The place we went are so jam packed with people. I was sweating all over while having my dinner. But dinner was GOOD! Everyone else in my family enjoyed it. So it worth the We ordered lots of food but I only have two photos to show you. You know why? Coz I was too busy eating that I totally forgotten about taking pictures :)

We had stir fry crab in black pepper and salted egg. This is really good!

And lastly an ice cold mixed fruits for dessert....yummylicious!

Thanks for visiting me! Have a great day!