Today, at around 10:30am I lost my my beloved dog Ares. We were having breakfast outside when we received a call from my FIL that Ares had gone missing from our house. Well, this is not the first time he ran out from the house and usually we'll find him within a few units of apartment from ours. But this time he had gone too far. Our security guard told us that he saw Ares running around and chased a passing motor vehicle before being taken away. I was so angry at the guard. Why can't he keep Ares at his guard post until we return and claim him?? Why he let the man took Ares away?? But then I can't put the blame on him. We can blame no one but ourselves. If I took extra precaution like guarding the door, he won't escape that easily. Ares is a two year old mini Maltese and is extremely playful. That explains why he chased the vehicle....because he wanted to play. He doesn't bite and love being carry by people. That makes him even easier to be taken by someone else. The thought of him made me cry endlessly. And the sight of his cage is just painful. I just pray and hope that I will find him soon.