Nuttin Better Then A True FRIEND!

Hey there!

Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my sewing project! You gals are the sweetest bloggy friends I've ever had! And so, today's card is dedicated to you all! I hope you like it.

Yes, it's October Afternoon paper again. Apparently, my obsession with October Afternoon grow stronger than ever and I am waiting patiently for their next collection :)

I love making flowers from fabric and seeing that I have lots of left over fabric from my sewing project, I decided to make a few of these for my cards and probably put them on sale too. Would you buy if I do make and sell? I'll make a variations using different fabric. Even color maybe. Just a thought.

Speaking of flowers, Sharon a.ka. my partners in crime gave me these beauties when we met over lunch last week. Isn't it pretty?? She's selling these too....if you are interested, just shoot her an email. They come in four colors.

Going off now.....see ya!