According to Jessy.........

I'm a butterfly freak!! Me? A freak?? Seriously? Lol! I did a quick count and realized that I made a total of 60 butterfly cards to date. I'm not sure if that makes me a freak but I do love the nickname :) To proove that I'm indeed a freak, I made yet another butterfly :)

I confessed countless times that I love butterfly, the truth is I only like them on paper and not on clothing or accessories of any kind. Same goes with my favorite color. You know how much I love pink right? Believe me, I don't like wearing pink at all! Fushchia yes but absolutely not pink. It's funny how my cardmaking style is so different from my sense of clothing. I found some pictures online that could very well explain my fashion sense :)

You could say I'm a simple girl who loves neutral colors. My motto, the simple the better :) What about you? Does your cardmaking style reflects your fashion style or the total opposite just like me? 

Happy Friday!