I have been a bad blogger but I have some good news

I am sitting here tonight and looking briefly at my blog telling myself that I have been such a bad blogger lately. This month I have hardly been posting. What's up with that?

When summer vacation started I had all kinds of plans and goals for my blog but sadly real life has taken over. I figured that I probably couldn't blog during the day but I had hoped my evenings would be blog time.

My days are filled with swimming lessons for Michael (four days a week) and throughout the week various library activities which is always a given every summer but throw in various appointments and family members who aren't doing so well health wise and that leaves no time to blog and I hate to say this but honestly after supper I am so exhausted and tend to sit down to read and head to bed early.

Sounds like fun right?

Anyways I thought that I would share some good news with you. The week I was in NYC, I had my dentist office calling constantly but leaving no message so I kind of thought that perhaps it was due to a dental procedure I have to have (root canal and cap) done in August but why wouldn't they leave a message?

So finally my dental hygienist got a hold of me to tell me some good news. If you are on my facebook page you might already know this but if you don't well I found out that I won.......

Its a iPad. I was so excited and well so was Michael.  We have had the iPad for well over a month now and love it. Its a great way to check email and go online to check facebook and so many other sites that you need to get to quickly.

We have various game apps downloaded and I was able to download the Kindle app so I have been able to download a few books to read off of and I really like the Kindle app. With all the problems I had with Kobo I was thinking of getting a kindle when I went to the US in August but since winning the iPad I don't have to now.

Michael has been loving all the free game apps and has gone on to purchase a few of the game apps. I am loving all the additional magazine apps that I can now use.

I just want to send out a huge thank you to my dentist office for this amazing win. We love it

Do you have an iPad? What apps should we download?