My New Year's ReVolutions by Cindy Sheehan

My New Year's ReVolutions
* End all wars
* Bring US troops home
* Close 99% of Military Bases around the world
* Pay reparations to destroyed nations
* Abolish CIA, NSA, Homeland Security 
* Reduce Pentagon budget by 80%
* Fully fund schools from pre to University
* Forgive student loan debt
* Moratorium on foreclosures and evictions
* Institute a program of Medicare for all
* Arrest and prosecute US war criminals from the Clinton/Bush/Obama regimes
* Free all political prisoners
* Free non-violent offenders
* End drug war and legalize marijuana and hemp
* Reduce nation's dependence on fossil fuels
* Nationalize fossil fuel companies
* End fracking
* End offshore drilling
* End nuclear power
*Expand clean/renewable energy programs
* Transition off of GMO's and other harmful food additives
* Heavily and punitively Fine Monsanto
* Nationalize the Federal Reserve
* Lose 10 pounds
* Run a 10k 
It's sadly true that most of the things on my Resolution List are out of my control, but are more of a Wish List to reduce and/or completely eliminate the US Empire.
However, as I have done every year since I can remember, I do resolve to improve myself and to do everything I can this year to educate, inspire, perspire, and work for PEACE on EARTH!