Update on my backache

Hello ladies!

I have two cards to share today. These were created for the Smidapaper class that I conducted back in October. For this class, I taught how to use various punches to make flowers. It's very easy and quick to make.

My backache was so bad that I could no longer bear the pain. So yesterday I went to see an orthopaedic and we did the X-ray to determine the cause of the pain. The X-ray showed that my neck is deformed.....a normal person should have a straight neck but mine is bend forward and if I don't take care of it now, it will get worse. Doctor said I shouldn't carry heavy things or bend down. Not even running as it will cause damage to my spine. Hubby asked the doctor whether making card is part of the cause of my neck pain. Guess what......the doctor said it could be the cause. Oh boy! I was so sad to hear that! Now, I was under strict supervision.....no card making at the moment :( Sad isn't it??? Sigh.......